Off to Ghana on December 27th, 2013


2014 Franklin & Marshall College’s Ghana Alternative Winter Break Trip

Our Franklin & Marshall College group (with one student from University of Pennsylvania!) is excited to be traveling to Ghana this winter to teach at the Heritage Academy. Our group leaves on December 27th and will return on January 13th, 2014. Stay tuned on the blog for daily updates about our teaching, travel and experiences. For more information about the trip, visit the Ware Institute’s website!

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4 thoughts on “Off to Ghana on December 27th, 2013

  1. Carla Willard says:

    This is sooooo exciting! Each year I recognize a student or two in the beginning and get to know all of them by the end. What wonderful work! What a wonderful opportunity for them! Heritage is helping us learn and grow. Shout-out to Heritage Academy!

  2. Kathy Babb says:

    Safe travels! Looking forward to following all the cool stuff you will be doing on the trip!

  3. Alexis Teevens says:

    Woohoo, have so much fun!!! It was such a wonderful experience. You are all going to have a great time! Can’t wait to read more about it. Safe travels!

  4. MamaNell says:

    Looking forward to following you all on this great website! Enjoy every moment and please keep us all posted!

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