A Little Ca$h Goes A Long Way!

Hi everybody!

So last week I talked about what types of things you can do to help out at Heritage Academy, even if you are a broke college student or you simply have no cash to spare. We’d love your help in spreading the word and getting shoe donations, backpacks and stuff. However, for those who can donate money, a little cash goes a long way at Heritage Academy and there are many ways for you to get involved.

First, a money donation is easy and useful. You can donate any amount on our website www.schoerkefoundation.org or you can send a check to Schoerke Foundation, P. O. Box 214, Westtown, PA 19395. Seriously, EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS.

We also have sponsorships and endowed scholarships that match up specific donors to students who need the help. I have been sponsoring a little girl named Fauzia for about a year now. She is in the 6th grade. She lives with her mother, grandmother, great grandmother and two sisters in a small house. Fauzia’s father died a few years ago so the only one bringing in money for the family is her mother who sells second hand clothing in the village market. Fauzia and I are a lot alike. Surrounded by good friends, but timid around new people. That is why I was drawn to her, we clicked instantly. One afternoon I walked into Fauzia’s village to tell her and her family that I decided to sponsor her until she graduates. The family responded with a gratitude that I had never expected. For $100 a year, you can sponsor a student like Fauzia. That cost will cover school fees, her books, and lunch fees. I decided that paying for Fauzia’s fees was something important and meaningful that I could do. We have hundreds of students that could use a sponsorship like the one that I have set up for Fauzia, and you could allow that student an education that he or she wants so badly.

An Endowed Scholarship is similar to a sponsorship. But your donation is invested with the school’s endowment and only the interest is used to support your student. When the student graduates, the scholarship is given to a new student. Finally, keep an eye out for our dollar campaign that will launch in June. We will be posting facts, pictures, and videos on facebook about Heritage Academy in order to raise as much money as possible to support scholarship for girls in particular. Again, any amount helps.

We would also like to that everyone for their continued support up to this point. We have reached a lot of kids in Ghana and we couldn’t have done it without support from the people around us.

For more information, hit it us up on facebook or email and we will answer any questions you have!




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