Shoes and Wood Carvers

After our fifth day of teaching, it’s hard to believe we’re more than halfway through our trip. All of us seem to be finally settling into the routine of our school day. Our teaching has become more confident and our bond with the kids has grown immensely. As the trip’s end is in sight, we’re making more of an effort each day to savor every moment with our students.

Once the school day ended, we made our way back home to do some service. After dumping out several bags of mismatched shoes, it was our job to find its matching pair and tie the shoelaces together. About halfway through the process, we took a break and took a car ride to a local woodcarving shop. Lots of us were fascinated by the items and purchased a few of the premade sculptures. Some were bolder and brought their own drawings for the carvers to make them custom pieces. We quickly drove back home to complete the service project we started earlier in the afternoon. Once all the shoes were paired up, we stuffed them in bags in preparation for tomorrow when we will give them out to children at Heritage Academy. After a delicious meal and check-in, we all started to slowly wind down and reply to letters our students so graciously took the time to write to us.

Simon and Chris.


One thought on “Shoes and Wood Carvers

  1. nuttpoem says:

    Thanks so much for the inspiring updates! It sounds like all are doing a great job. Wonderful news – keep it coming! (Carla)

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