TUESDAY: The Long Bus Ride

Today Ali and I got the opportunity to take the bus to school with some of the students. The bus took us through three different towns where students all got on board. As we traveled from town to town, the bus slowly filled to the brim with students. There were kids squished to the sides of the bus, some were sitting two or three to one seat, and others stood in the aisles and pressed against the doors. Other than the cramped ride, it was interesting to seeing the different towns and schools that were in the area. We passed by a teaching university where students were all in their uniforms, getting ready for their day to begin.

After the bus ride, Ali and I came back to the house where we ate breakfast and finished getting ready before we were dropped back at school. When we got to school we taught our morning classes. Some of the students in the group got the opportunity to sit in on one of the high school classes, which was interesting. They were learning about the slave trade and the history of slavery.
After lunch, we took a trip to Heritage’s sister school, Ochiso, instead of teaching our afternoon classes. When we got there, we did a big introduction with all of the kids and we took lots of pictures. The children at this school were very excited to meet us and crowded around to learn our names and get our addresses. There were kids ranging from around 4 years old to 14 years.
When we got back to the house, we just hung out and slept. We also found out that one of the people in our group has malaria, but she went to the clinic and got some medicine. She is feeling a lot better now and she will be back teaching tomorrow. Today was a long day.

Lola and Ali


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