We woke up with an early start at 7:00 a.m. to get ready for a Sunday day out. The overall schedule today was that we went to the Slave Castle in Elmina, Coconut Groove Beach Resort, and shopping in Cape Coast. It sounded like a busy day, but overall it proved to be both very exciting and relaxing. We arrived at the Slave Castle after an hour long drive and as soon as we got out of our bus, merchants started to ask us our names and if we wanted to buy any of their merchandise. We made our way into the castle and began our tour. Inside the castle, there were many tourists which surprised us after hardly seeing any for the past week. The tour went through the different levels of the castle beginning in the women and men dungeons and cells and ending in the governor’s quarters. At the top of the castle, the view was spectacular. We were able to see the markets with interweaving streams of hundreds of people and fishing boats floating on the water. It was very interesting to learn some of Ghana’s history. After exploring the castle, we got into the bus and drove to coconut grove.
When we first arrived in the resort, the contrast to the world outside to the world inside was drastic. The resort was very wealthy and contained many tourists. We sat at the ocean front and had lunch. After we enjoyed our food, we sat on the beach, played volleyball, and swam in the pool. We had to leave sooner than we were expecting, and so after gathering our things, we got into the bus and drove to Cape Coast to buy gifts for our family and friends. The stores were rich in color, and there were many varieties of traditional Ghanaian crafts such as wood carvings, jewelry, and clothing. Everyone had a successful time with finding plenty of gifts to buy. After shopping, we got back into the bus and drove back home. We finished the day up with a nice groundnut soup and rice ball dinner. 
-Emma Merrick and Alice Macartney


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