A Saturday To Remember.

Today we had no classes to teach because it was Saturday. In the morning, there was a wedding for one of the teachers who work at Heritage Academy. The wedding started at ten in the morning with some singing by the choir. Then, the groom arrived, followed by the bride some time later. During the ceremony, there were prayers, singing, and a lot of dancing. For dancing, everyone would get up and walk around the room with music playing. The wedding was without doubt the highlight for the day.
We skipped the wedding reception, arrived back at the house at around 1 o’clock, and ate some lunch before venturing out to explore the nearby town. It was there that we met up with one of our students from Heritage, Lord. He was kind enough to show us around town and lead us on a tour of the beautiful University in town. After about two solid hours of exploration, we returned home, where we remained for the rest of the day. A few brave souls went for a run through the African jungle, which proved to be enjoyable and refreshing. I would say that this is the most complete and fun-filled days we have spent in Ghana thus far, and we are looking forward to spending the day at the Coconut Grove beach tomorrow! Stay tuned.
Henry and Phil


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