Classes Start!

Today our heads were scratched. By the Ghanaians. Our first plunge into the depths of Heritage Academy was not only refreshing but also left us ten American students yearning for more. The day started with an early morning walk to compensate for the classically-tardy native bus driver that never showed up. First period already behind us, we prepared for the first classes of the day. From the teacher’s perspective, classes went smoothly and without hitch. The younger classes were full of energy and curiosity while the older eighth graders brooded over the modest workload we presented. However, a common theme that connected all grades was the student body’s intense desire to learn. Compared to the discouraged American teen, the Heritage students all seemed to take in the majority of what we were teaching.
The reading periods provided fresh relief from the burdens of directing 20 rowdy Ghanaian kids. There were intimate group sessions that covered classics from Dr. Seuss to other short picture books that each child analyzed. Since we had the chance to connect one on one with each student, it was much easier to create a friendship with the kids. The free periods gave us Americans the opportunity to document the class-room happenings, and when we were not taking photos, we were embracing the shade of the empty classrooms.
Leaving school exhausted by the relentless torrent of energetic African children, we slumped in the couches for a bit and promptly decided to go on a journey into the brush that surrounded our guest house. The sun fell quickly, and we found ourselves half a kilometer from the base in stark darkness. All the same, the fires that the neighbors had lit provided enough light to guide us back to the house, ushering in sleep and wariness for another day at Heritage.

Simon and Chris


2 thoughts on “Classes Start!

  1. Julia Lee says:

    Thank you for sharing your day with us. Wow and wow again.

  2. Love hearing what you guys are up to – keep the posts coming!!

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