Safe Arrival!

After a loooong flight from JFK to Accra, Ghana we have arrived! We are already having some fun as we were greeted at the airport by Oduro, Kwesi’s brother, who took us to Jimmy Com, the guest house we are staying in which is right down the road from the Heritage Academy. After swerving around some pot-holes, seeing the different street vendors trying to sell us things (from bubble dispensers to grapes) through windows and watching as goats scurried across the street we finally arrived at our home for the next 17 days. There, we were met by Jordan, trip leader from Muhlenberg, and her three friends who will also be teaching at Heritage!

Tomorrow we are off to the North to take a trip to Hand in Hand orphanage, the Monkey Sanctuary, the Bonwire Kente Cloth Shop, and more!

We’ll be back on Monday with lots of stories, so stay tuned for our adventures!

Your trip leader,

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4 thoughts on “Safe Arrival!

  1. nuttpoem says:

    Say “Hi” to Alexis for me….(Carla)

  2. jduckloe says:

    Glad to hear your news and looking forward to more. from Greg Duckloe’s family

  3. Colette Silver, Jennie's Mom says:

    Let the adventure begin!

  4. nuttpoem says:

    Keep us posted – Greetings to Kwesi from Carla!!!

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