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Safe Arrival!

After a loooong flight from JFK to Accra, Ghana we have arrived! We are already having some fun as we were greeted at the airport by Oduro, Kwesi’s brother, who took us to Jimmy Com, the guest house we are staying in which is right down the road from the Heritage Academy. After swerving around some pot-holes, seeing the different street vendors trying to sell us things (from bubble dispensers to grapes) through windows and watching as goats scurried across the street we finally arrived at our home for the next 17 days. There, we were met by Jordan, trip leader from Muhlenberg, and her three friends who will also be teaching at Heritage!

Tomorrow we are off to the North to take a trip to Hand in Hand orphanage, the Monkey Sanctuary, the Bonwire Kente Cloth Shop, and more!

We’ll be back on Monday with lots of stories, so stay tuned for our adventures!

Your trip leader,

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On our way…

Tomorrow 11 students from Franklin & Marshall College will travel to Ghana to teach at the Heritage Academy.

In addition, 4 Muhlenberg College students will be teaching at Heritage, led by former Westtown School student Jordan Robbins!

Stay tuned for blog updates and pictures from the students about their experience at Heritage and traveling around Ghana!

Meet our F&M students!

13 FandM Ghana Students


Read our pre-press release to learn more about our students and the preparation they have been doing for the trip!

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A Learning Experience: by Erin McCabe

On my second trip to Heritage Academy this summer, it felt like my home away from home. It was hard to believe that I could feel so attached to a place after visiting only once, and for such a short period of time. But the towns around this school are unique in their inviting people and spirit. It is easy to feel the positive energy and support that surrounds the school and community.

This summer I also had the privilege of helping to coordinate some of the volunteer operations both at Heritage during the teaching day and at the guesthouse where the volunteers stayed. It was a very humbling and educational experience to help new volunteers and first time teachers acclimate to the new setting. Having worked at Heritage last summer, travelled throughout Ghana, and volunteered for the Schoerke Foundation for a year, I was hoping that I would have some helpful insights to offer those who were just discovering the beautiful country, culture, and Heritage Academy. However, as in many circumstances in life, you go into a situation hoping to teach something and end up learning far more than you could have ever imagined. The diversity of the group of volunteers this year was both surprising and inspirational. We had individuals of all ages, from all walks of life, and hailing from all over the world. There were high school students and teachers, a banker, two professors, a registered nurse, and volunteers from USA, England, China, and Thailand. Each person that I had the pleasure of living and working with had a unique perspective on life and a unique reason for being there, in this tiny little town in the middle of nowhere; in Ghana, West Africa. It was inspiring!

Heritage Academy is a very special place. It is special to the people who work there, special to the children who benefit from it‘s innovative strategies in education, and it is special to the volunteers, who no matter where they are from and for what reason they are there, end up benefitting immensely from the honor of contributing briefly to this community of bright minds and promising futures.

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