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Trip to Mole

This past weekend, a group of us had a very unique experience, of traversing across a large portion of Ghana, and traveling to Mole National Park, where we went on safaris.


The trip was much more than just visiting Mole, though. Over the course of four days we drove around 1000km, and spent a little over 30 hours in the car. During this time, we were able to grow closer with one another, as well as closer with Ghana. We saw much of the country, and drove through all the different regions, seeing several, diverse lifestyles ranging from busy cities to remote villages made up of grass huts.


Of course the most interesting part of the trip was the destination; Mole. In Mole we went on two safaris. The first day we went on a walking safari and walked through the park, seeing countless different species of birds, as well as animals like wild boars, cobs and monkeys. The next morning, we drove through the park, and saw a herd of 11 elephants washing in a waterhole.


Along the way from Heritage Academy to Mole, we stopped in Nkroanza at a place called Hand in Hand, a sheltered workshop for the mentally handicapped. It was a beautiful home, and we were able to meet some of the kids who lived there. We also visited an old Ashanti palace and a monkey sanctuary. During the rides we got to see a different Ghana than we are exposed to at Heritage Academy, and had many different foods and cultural experiences. The trip was much more than just driving 30 hours in the car to see elephants – it was an incredible experience to see what Ghana is really like, from top to bottom.

– Luke R

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