Empowered Girls, Stronger Communities.

In southern Ghana where we currently sponsor over 1200 students, village life is easier in those areas where the patriarchal power structure has negotiated a comfortable balance with the matrilineal family system that is in place. Consequently, these communities require educated, strong, and independent women in order to function  properly.

Hence in addition to giving girls access to the full range of educational and athletic opportunities available to them, we have been very intentional about developing their capacity as leaders by giving them chance to lead. Each position in our student government is occupied by a boy and a girl; hence, the girls’ and boys’ senior prefects are co-chairs of the student council. In club leadership where anyone can run for any position, the adult advisors encourage and sometimes recruit girls for various roles because we strongly feel that a good leadership team must include both girls and boys.

 By design, about half of the board members of the Schoerke Foundation as well as the faculty and staff of the Heritage schools are women. And so far, over sixty percent of our American grant recipients have been young women in the last two years of high school or the first two years of college. We are constantly working to nurture leadership, character, a strong voice, and excellence in all the young women who work with us both in the United States and in Ghana because we truly believe that “women hold up half the sky” (Kristoff & WuDunn).



  1. Thank you for posting this! This is where some of the women business leader’s hearts are for sure!

    Keep up the great work empowering, equipping, educating, and inspiring girls and future women leaders!

  2. Grace Thompson says:

    In addition to the admirable work the Schoerke Foundation does to fund Ghanaian students to attend the Heritage Academy, where they are motivated to learn and become passionate and driven about pursuing their education, I find their emphasis on equal opportunities for their female students laudable.
    By encouraging the female students to develop leadership skills, as well as setting an example for the students through the female membership in the Schoerke Foundation board and Heritage faculty and staff, the Foundation is empowering female students by sending a clear message that they are just as able as men to make a difference in society, which values and necessitates their contribution. It is commendable that the Heritage Academy can teach lessons such as gender equality by actively putting these values into practice both inside and outside of the classroom.
    I met some inspiring female students while at the Heritage Academy, and cannot wait to see the differences that these eager, intelligent, and driven young ladies will make after their graduation!

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