I Want To Help 2

Dear Kwesi and Melissa,

I am a Westtown parent of an 8th grader, and I attended the orientation in the high school yesterday. I had the opportunity to hear Kwesi speak of the high school math program and hear the brief introduction to the Westtown connection with a school inGhana. I am thrilled that my daughter, Katie, will be continuing her education at Westtown. Katie started Westtown in PK, and she has thrived in its environment.

Interestingly enough I was having lunch with a former colleague today, and we were discussing how ready we are (or are not) for Christmas.  My former colleague told me that he and his wife were making a donation to a school inGhanathrough the Schoerke Foundation as their gift for their grown daughters.  I pressed the topic further to determine if it was the same school that I heard about at the Westtown event. I was extremely pleased and surprised to discover his donation will be going to your school. My former colleague’s name is Reid, and he became aware of the school through his friend, Roy Ortman, who is on the board of the Schoerke Foundation.

I am very interested in donating to the scholarship fund and hope that you can send me information.  Reid briefly explained that an $800.00 donation can support a child through junior high school, and I can name the scholarship in someone’s honor. Furthermore, I wonder if there may be volunteer opportunities available this summer.  My family will be traveling to Kenyain early June, might it be possible for me and my daughter to leaveKenyaand travel toGhanato volunteer for a brief period of time?

Kind regards and I look forward to your response,

Lisa DeLuca, PhD

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