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I Want To Help!

Hi Kwesi,

I want to thank you for sharing your passion with our class tonight. Like I told you afterwards, I am very interested in both teaching and film-making so I cannot wait to get started! I have known since I was little that I am meant to be a teacher. I found your story fascinating. Though it is not the same situation, I was able to relate to your feeling like you needed to give back. I am here at Villanova on a softball scholarship and without that opportunity I would not be able to afford the education that I am receiving here. As more and more doors are being opened for me, I think about how much I have been given. I love hearing from people like you because it reminds me that I can use the resources that I have been given to help make the world a better place–by providing other people with opportunities that they might not have otherwise.

Further, I recently turned in a term paper all about my own teaching pedagogy. I feel that your philosophy of education coincides with what I believe is the best approach to reaching children. I loved what you said about helping instill students with a sense of values and an understanding of why we behave in certain ways. I am a firm believer that if you teach a student to spit back facts, he may find temporary success. For someone to thrive in a dynamic society, they must have a strong ethical foundation–which includes an ability to think critically and apply their set of skills to problems as they evolve.

I am very interested in the summer program and would love more information about how I can volunteer.

I can’t wait to hear from you!
Julie Smith

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