You’re not GHANA believe it! It was KWESI!

We’ve adopted some phrases so when we come back saying, “that’s so Kwesi!” it really just means that we are all in on an inside joke that no one else is. Also, a new one from today, “You’re not GHANA believe it!”

So, Kwesi missed his flight, which means he might still be eating Chinese food at the Ramada Inn, but we aren’t quite sure. We hope that he makes it back to the United States so that he can teach the wonderful students of Westtown School who will be traveling to the Heritage Academy in February… although we wish that he could be here with us instead to finish out the week at Heritage.

In spite of this sad fact, we still made a joyous voyage in a new van (with a driver who didn’t look a day older than 15, although he claimed to be 25), to Coconut Grove Beach. After driving two hours from Ajumako to Cape Coast, traveling once again through the fisher’s village where long wooden boats traveled swiftly atop the water in between the banks, we finally arrived at Coconut Grove Beach. It was shocking to see many broken down buildings, stray goats, and pits filled with garbage that contrasted starkly with the 18 hole golf course and pristine beaches of the Coconut Grove Beach resort just down the road.

After being jostled by the strong waves and basking atop the coarse sand under the Ghanaian sun, we decided to have lunch while looking out on the ocean. We enjoyed our first salads of the trip, pineapple juice, and the favorite dish of the day, Coconut Grove Chicken, which Andrew claimed everyone had copied off of his original order.

Although Oduro, Kwesi’s brother, told us originally that he was, “Very scared of the sea,” we noted while eating our lunch that he seemed QUITE content taking on the form of a beached whale upon the sand, or turning into an acrobat who would do headstands (and fall over backwards). He also invented a new game where he would play tag with himself, which would usually result in him being taken down by a wave, or tripping over himself and falling face first into the ocean. This sparked Kacy’s interest in headstands, allowing her beautiful golden locks to be overcome by the sand (for days to come probably), and Andrew to finally find male companionship and a brief respite from his womanly company.

After the beach, we made a pit stop at the gift shop near one of the slave castles to do a little bit of shopping where we ended up spending many cedis on beautiful wooden sculptures, hand woven bags, Ghanaian flags, and a large wooden drum (purchased by Kacy) who will be playing many songs for us throughout the week!

We ended the night by playing a fun bonding game called “hot seat” to get to know each other better and then, after grilling Oduro on his personal life and why he loves to be a teacher at Heritage, he quizzed us on our knowledge of the principles of Heritage and many random, but KEY, details about the school.

Off to bed now for a full week of classes at Heritage this week! It is amazing to see how the students have grown from last Wednesday to today and I look forward to sitting in on more of their classes and watching them grow as individuals and teachers! This trip has been eye opening for all of us and I know the students will have lots to share when they get back that go beyond these blog posts.

Until tomorrow,
Your faithful leader, Lilah

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One thought on “You’re not GHANA believe it! It was KWESI!

  1. Bill and Jen says:

    “A large wooden drum”?…I guess we’re “Ghana” believe it!! We can’t wait to hear the many stories of your experiences in addition to the sounds of an “authentic” African Drum. Good luck with your next week of classes, you are all such a blessing to the Heritage Academy and visa versa! We love the Blogs…thanks!
    Bill and Jen Warning.

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