The Adventure Begins!

Lead by the amazing Lilah and Mr. Oduro (Kwesi’s brother and the Science teacher at Heritage Academy JHS), the young teachers from F&M College set out on a four-day trip to Mole National Park this morning. They made it safely to Hand in Hand in Nkoranza, about halfway between Heritage and Mole, where Oduro reports the group has decided to ring in the new year in a church with their host, Josephine. Church in Ghana on an ordinary Sunday is an event…but church on New Year’s Eve–I can’t wait to hear the stories!

It’s already been an OIA (Only in Africa!) kind of 24 hours. We had Chinese food for dinner near the airport in Accra. And after their 32 hours of breathing the air on three continents; riding in cars, a van, two planes, and a sweaty school bus through sleepy little villages with no people–only a stray dog or two or a family of goats watching over the streets–we arrived at Jimmycom Guest House soon after midnight to bucket showers for all because the tap had stopped running earlier in the day and Fred, the guy in charge of the guest house, had no explanation for why the reservoir was empty. As if on queue, the power went out just as we were getting ready for bed. Candles flicker through the night. Luckily the house is made of cinder block walls and concrete floors–no fears about burning it down.

I didn’t realize roosters don’t know the difference between street lights and daylight until today. When the power came back between 3 and 4 am, I heard over-zealous doodle-doo of rooster after rooster straining to wake up the entire village and I smiled in my half-sleep thinking, OIA–I must be home!

Kwesi Koomson

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2 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins!

  1. Maureen Thompson says:

    Grace, et al, Happy New Year! We hope you get some rest and enjoy your adventure, Love, Mom, Dad and Clare

  2. Mary Edmonds says:

    Hi Debra! Your mom sent me this link so I can see what adventures you are having in Africa. Bailey and I are traveling to Ethiopia in August to do mission work, so hopefully we will share some stories someday. Safe travels to you and I’m so proud of you! Ms. Edmonds

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